Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today, May 12th, 2010 was a cool day. Today I went to orientation for the MSW program. It was kind of a crazy experience...I'm actually doing this...they actually want ME to be in this program. The day was full of professors talking about different things. Some interesting and some not so interesting. One of the professors said that writing might be a useful tool to help us "stay sane". The program is very difficult and intense. Especially for those who are doing the Advanced Standing program, which I am doing. With the Advanced Standing, we get to cut out the first years worth of work and start in the summer. So the program for us only last from June '10 to May '11, and things are crammed!

Anyway, so the professor suggested we write...or blog, and I decided to take her up on that. Just to keep some peace of mind. To have a place to "vent" and release some thoughts while I go through this CRAZY experience.

As for the title of this blog "unruffled repose"...what a cool thought. It is a definition for the word serene, and I know there will be times when I do not sense that peace and serene feeling. However, I know that there is a constant in my life and that no matter how "much ruffling goes on I can still remain reposed"! Praise the Lord....for HE is the constant and HE is the one who will give me that calmness and assurance as I go through this program.

I'm excited and nervous and pray that this blog is a serene place for me!

:) KJV

Blessed assurance Jesus is mine

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