Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wrapping up

The last couple of weeks have been busy wrapping up final assingments and such. My last class of this program was Tuesday night! Now I just have a final project and final exam next week. It really is crazy how fast this year has gone by. There have been some wonderful and supportive friends through out this time. I am going to miss seeing "the girls" and hanging out with the people from the program. It's been a great year of learning new skills, developing as an individual, and simply completeing a pretty hectic program.

Also...I was inducted into Phi Alpha honors society a few weeks ago (Yay), went to Cherokee with some friends and family and won nothing (not so Yay), Preston's car is dead (really not yay), and I got a small 8 week summer job (Yay)!

Life is grand and God is good....all the time!


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