Friday, June 11, 2010

Becoming A Manager....BAM!!

Well....classes started on is now Friday morning. Wow. It has already proven to mess with my life a little. School is just so much more work....I mean grad school seems to be so much more work than undergrad. Class is much more discussion based and all of our grades are on papers. So, there is a lot of reading to do and I have a paper due every discussions for online and articles for classes...etc...BUT life is SOOO good and God is GREAT!

I'm excited about what I am learning and it all fits in with what I experience in my work life too. I can already see how it will help me be a better social worker and improve the way I look at my just improve my character as a person. It does feel a little strange to be back in a school setting.

I still need a graduate assistantship which cause a bit of stress for me. I have been turned down by five already and I have two apps still out. Plus, we have to make decisions about our internship in the spring semester will have a small stipend with it too; therefore, we might look into a Tuition Scholarship instead of a GA...but those are just decisions we have to make.

Preston is very good to me and he is so supportive. I do not get home on Mondays and Wednesday until 9:00 or later, and then on Tuesday and Thursday I have to do more work than I used to. So, I made two big casserole type dishes and we have been eating off those all week. :) I usually try to make something different every night and then we have leftovers on the weekend. But, it has just not worked out like that. I think tonight I will make something for dinner.

All of this causes me to become a better manager of my time. When do I work out? When can I cook dinner? Oh I have to take care of the cats and I'm still working? What about that paper due? Our house!! Will I ever clean it? it's not that crazy yet. One class for the summer does require work but I do have time for things and so far I've stayed on top of my assignments enough to where I should be able to relax a LITTLE on the weekend...specifically I don't want to have to worry about school on Sundays! And really this summer is just a taste of what life will be like come August. In August I will be taking 5 grad course...that's 15 hours of grad classes...a full case load for grad school is 9!! Plus, I will have a 16 hour internship...and I will have hours to do for the GA or TA. CRAZY! But's just for one year...I'm gonna graduate in May -- that's not that far away!

I'm glad I'm doing this program. The Lord has opened this door for us and we are walking through it with FAITH, and it's a fun adventure. I'm trusting that the Lord has plans for me having an MSW...or maybe He has plans for the experiences and growth that will come through the MSW program. God is good and His plans are perfect. So trusting I will do.

:) Krystal V

"Trust and obey
for there's no other way
to be happy in Jesus
but to trust and obey."

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