Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yikes! Today is the first day of July and I still do not have a GA. That is probably the greatest stresser in my life right now...PTL! I suppose life is good! All experiences are learning ones...right? :)

I finished up my first class last night and I believe that I only missed 1 point on everything - meaning I got a 99 in the class. Of course that class was the easiest class we will have this year. Next class starts July 12th - Psychopathology....another Yikes! However, I've gotten to know a few girls in class and I know that we can help each other out to study and such. Plus, Preston is SO smart and it's helpful to talk over things with him.

Also, now that I'm back in school I can utilize the CPA (gym). I've been able to go at least two days a week for the last few days...not a whole lot...but it has been super nice. I really enjoy working out at the gym. It is a great stress reliever. I'm able to put on some music and relax! And it helps increase my energy level. I am grateful! Of course, that last time I did not stretch appropriately and now I have some pain in my shins...Yikes!

Life is good....I still need a darn GA!!!!!!!! I did interview yesterday for one and it looks promising...but others have looked promising and nothing has come of them. If you are the praying type (and you even read this) please pray!

Alrighty then...peace out....


Oh Victory in Jesus
my Savior forever
He sought me and bought me
with His redeeming love

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