Thursday, July 15, 2010

Part Time, Full Time, Anytime?


I did a GA position. It is part time. Which means that I have to work for them, they pay half of my tuition, and I get a small stipend. Which is so very wonderful and I praise the Lord. That also means that I will need to look for something else part time (really part time part time)...just a few hours a week to help out some. However, I think things will be good.

So in the fall it now looks like my time will be spent with 5 classes, 16 hours internship, 10 hours GA, hopefully another 10 hour PT job, sometime for studying, sometime to continue on my work out regiment, time to eat and breath, and time for family. Will there be time for sleep? I hope!

I do get slightly nervous thinking about all the ways my time will be filled come the end of August. I have good support and friends. My professor told us that we will all look back at the year and think "how did we manage all that we just did"....but we'll do it....we'll make it....from August to May = 9 months! in-laws just gave Preston and I our Christmas present early -- season passes to Dollywood that will be fun to use. In fact, we are going to use them this Friday to start off! I'm really excited. That will be nice to have come mid fall/winter when both of us could use a break from schooling. I have very kind and thoughtful in-laws.

I'm a blessed woman.

:) Krystal


  1. Found your blog here from your facebook. Decided I would catch up on life. That is so AWESOME! Sounds like you and Preston are busy! Glad you got what you were looking for. We need a little reunion time soon. There's a lot for me, you, Eric, Dee, Sabrina, Cody - the whole crew to catch up on!

  2. Krystal - congrats on landing the GA! That is wonderful news. I get the same way when I'm anticipating a full plate of activity and responsiblity in my near future, just like you said. But your professor is right - you'll just do it and look back on it later thinking, Wow, I was SO Busy!! Sounds like you have a lot of supportive people too which makes a huge difference. I found your blog via Meagans blog. I'm glad I did! Hope you guys are well:)