Monday, August 23, 2010

Praise the Lord Moment!!

Just a quick note of Praise here! The Lord has been SO good to Preston and I. I'm glad that my husband is such a man of God who is patient and strong in his faith.

Anyway, I got another half GA position!! Which is great and it means that my entire schooling will be paid for and I will be getting a larger stipend. AND Preston and I will not be wiped out of savings account by the end of May! :) We are SO excited, and I'm a bit nervous because it does add an extra 10 hours to my week. I am trusting in God's leadership and He did open this door for us. I know that HE will give me strength to preserver in this year. Below is such a beautiful verse:

I am a blessed woman of God. I pray that I continue to follow His voice and live a fruitful life!

God is good....all the time....

:) Krystal

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  1. That ia wonderful news Krystal!! Congratulations:) God always provides... !