Saturday, February 26, 2011

Da Bears!

Well, Preston and I found out where we will be headed in a few months....Chicago, IL.

We are so very grateful to the Lord for his blessings and we are grateful that Preston got an internship. Today's high in Tennessee is 58 degrees and in Chicago the high temp. is like 38 degrees...with snow. The cold weather is not so exciting to me, but the adventure that we will have is going to be fun!

We wanted the box to say
Lil' Chicago Pizzaria, but it didn't
It was a good pizza...and deep dish!
Last night we ordered a pizza from a place in town called "Little Chicago Pizzaria". We got a deep dish pizza -- you know -- Chicago style pizza -- to celebrate! Tonight we are going to a friends house for a little party with the three guys going on internship this year.

The program had three candidates seeking internships this year, and all three of them were accepted to a placement! This is so great for the psychology program and it will help them with their accreditation! Everyone in their program is excited for them and it was fun reading all the emails Preston received from his professors and directors and stuff!

As for me, now I'm looking for jobs in Chicago! First, I have to finish my Master's program. :) My big culminating exam thing is due this Monday....which will be a relief to get out of the way! I'm pretty much done with it, just need read over things again and add a few details here and there!

Then we have spring break in a couple of weeks. Preston and I have contemplated going up to Chicago for a few days just to look around the city and figure out where we might want to live and stuff. Also, we need practice (or help) with the Metro system and figuring out where all the "lines" go. We looked at that last night and it was kind of intimidating! It will be fun though.

So, thanks to all those out there supporting and praying for us! God is good....all the time!

Chicago bound,  

- Krystal V - 


  1. Father/ Mr. VincentFebruary 26, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    I am so very happy for you both. The future for each of you is so open and unlimited. You know you always have our support and love.

    We look forward to time in the windy city also.

    Blessings as you have fun in the decision making and changes coming your way.

  2. Thanks for your kindness and support! We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us! :)

  3. Congratulations to you both! How fun it is to go on this adventure with the one you love:) I am so happy for you both. Life and God are very good!!

  4. YEA!! I'm so glad he got a placement:) And how very exciting that you both get to experience a new place together! Aaron and I have enjoyed living in a brand new place, just the two of us, and I'm sure you two will as well! Best of luck:)