Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This week

This week is Spring Break! Probably the last spring break I will ever have, but that's okay. Spring break as a married adult woman is a bit different, and slightly less excited, than when I was a freshman in college!

But the week has been very nice so far, and it is super nice to have some time off of work and classes. Preston and I have been doing some projects around the house. Of course, he had to work Monday through Wednesday of this week. He will be off for the rest of the week. I think we may go out of town this weekend, which would be fun!

I went to lunch and running around town with my sister yesterday and that was fun! I saw some very pretty material and made a skirt last night. It was fun, and I have never put pockets in a skirt that was fun. Of course the pockets are not exactly even on both sides, but who's looking?

Close up of pocket (?)

Next I need to make a curtain for the back room. Preston put up a  curtain rod there -- we do still need to paint the room too. Always something to do around here!

Now I have to straighten up the house in order to take pictures of the house. There is a couple we know that may be interested in renting and they asked to see pictures. Kind of weird to think someone would be living here instead of us, but it would be a super great blessing if that happened!

This is a picture (to the right) of three guys and spouses who will be interning in various places this coming year! We were all very excited that all three guys got a placement.

Good times, 
Krystal V.