Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Shatter the Silence, Stop the Violence"

Today I and my sister were in our first 5k race! The race was the Take Back the Night race, helping raise awareness of the need to stop domestic violence.

We just walked in the race, but we walked fast. We finished in 45 minutes, and we finished #163 and #164 out of 248 people! We were happy with that.

They give out awards for the top three in each age group...we barely missed that by a few people ahead of us :) However, we had SO much fun and we totally want to do it again. I would like to jog in a 5k at some point, and I really felt so good today I think I could have jogged most of it....we'll save that for next time. This was a good starter race to see how things go! I'm bummed that I forgot to take a picture with me and my sister....

Onward now to finish up the semester. Five more weeks of classes to go and one more week for finals...that means a total of SIX more weeks till I graduate!!!! I'm very ready to be done with the program and the business of everything. I will be sad to say goodbye to people and to Frontier Health (where I do my internship and where I worked before I started school)! It's crazy to think about all the work that we will have to start doing this summer. Packing, looking for another place to live, finding a job, finding someone to rent our house, and moving. I think once I'm done with school it will really hit me that we are moving to CHICAGO! I've lived in this area now for SEVEN years, and that's a long time for me. I actually do feel like I'm familiar with Elizabethton and Johnson City. I will feel like I'm leaving my home and having to make a new home all over, of course, leaving family is always tough.

Well, off to Saturday chores! 

- Krystal -

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