Friday, October 8, 2010

Series of unfortunate...or fortunate events...lets take a look

So today a lady from work gave me a root for one of those viney plant things that grow in water. I was excited and so was Presto because he love naturey things in the house (it is soothing). However, we have a cat, and I have visions of me lying in bed and hearing a loud crash, splash, and meow all at once. I posted some pictures of the cat's first encounter with the plant. (just for fun). I actually have A LOT of work to get done for school. I'm freaking stressed right now (kind of) I don't really get super stressed. But, for me I am stressed. It's becoming the middle of the semester, I'm more tired, and I have midterms, papers, projects, etc. It is just crazy. This weekend i will be in Bristol ALL day on Sunday with the Regional Area Medical people, helping out doing social workey/case management type things. It will be a great experience I'm sure (I hope) however, it just adds to my already full schedule. So, why am here at my blog...I don't know. I do enjoy writing sometimes even if it is gets my mind off things for a little while.

One thing that is going SUPER great is my field placement/internship. I working with two different therapy groups. One is specifically for women who are addicts and the women have children. The other group is for the general public who have addiction issues. Both groups are intense outpatient groups and so the members are required to come to group four days a week for three hours. THAT IS A LOT OF TIME. I am leading the regular group every Monday and the women's group on Friday's. I am learning a whole lot about the substance abuse population, and about therapy. I really enjoy therapy and I really enjoy working with alcohol and drug abusers. There is SO much to learn, and that is a part of this MSW program that is great. I am learning a whole lot of stuff. Stuff about people, stuff about children, stuff about myself, stuff about therapy, and stuff about plants and the body and random things.

The other day learned that the spleen actually does have a use. One of its uses is to help keep the body's ph levels in balance because the spleen is like a holding tank for some chemical (that has a long name and I don't remember). But, when your body is low on this chemical the spleen will release some of the extra it stores. Very random...DON'T LET THE DOCTOR'S TAKE OUT YOUR SPLEEN!! Just kidding, kind of. Things were put in our body for a reason...always strive to keep your body in tact.

WOW...I am rambling...looks like I am avoiding school work, huh? Guess I should get back to work! Below are pics of the plant and cat! Enjoy!

Mello did jump off safely....this time.....we'll see how this story continues.....

May the Lord bless you with a smile today!

Peace out

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