Saturday, October 2, 2010

What am I talking about?

So, it's 4:05pm on Saturday and I'm at the computer lab working on a paper. However, as I write I am realizing that I do not know what I am saying. Yet, I keep writing. So, I thought I would take a break - clear my head - and write some nonsense on my blog. But, I really don't have much to say.

Oh, well...we did purchase a treadmill. I am very happy about that. We have had it for about a week now. It is really nice, and it makes working out more convenient than me trying to work it out going to the gym at school all the time.

Preston's deadline for his disertation proposal is October 11th. He is supposed to turn it in to the committe this Monday morning for them to review it before he presents it. I'm SO excited for him and for all the hard work he has done thus far. He is such a dilligent worker and totally a man of perserverence. He is a great man of God and a good example for me.

After he proposes he will begin sending off applications for internship placements. I think his list has about 15 placements ranging from places in Michigan, Utah, Chicago, West Virginia, and Kentucky. It's crazy to think that less than a year from now Preston and I might be moving. Of course, there is a HUGE chance he will not get an internship because the school is currently not accredited, and there are limited placements that will accept non-accredited schools. SO - for all you praying kind of people - if you think about PRAY that the Lord has complete control over this situation and that if it's in HIS plans for Preston to get a placement this year that we have peace about that and if it is HIS plans that we wait a year that we have peace about that!

We'll see what happens. :) Off to type some more on my paper.........................maybe I should do some more reading much work to do :)

Life is GRAND!! :)


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