Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17th, 2011

Today is my last day of freedom! :)

My official full time schedule begins tomorrow at 8:30am, and then I get super busy. I like it though. Its nice to be busy and I enjoy the program. I am looking forward to May and being finished with the Master's program. Depending on what happens with Preston I don't know if I will try to work directly out of the program, or if we do end up moving, will I wait till the end of summer to look for a job out of state? Of course not having some kind of job or something to do in the summer would drive me a little crazy....maybe that would free up my time to be busy with other fun things like volunteering or hobbies etc....I don't know...I actually have no idea. Just one day at a time, right?

So today I have a lot to do, including cleaning out the fridge. Something stinks really bad in there and I can not figure out what..but that needs to be cleared up pronto! I need to get all my things organized for the semester, clean the house some, get the laundry finished, and prep a new salad box for the upcoming week!

Preston left this morning for Kansas and he will be back around midnight on Tuesday night. He will then leave Thursday morning for Michigan and be back on Saturday morning. Then the traveling is done and we wait for February 25th!

We've had a fun time traveling thus far, and the opportunities that Preston has are really great training experiences. It is an exciting time, but the thought of moving all our junk does not sound very appealing to me right now! Anyway, we'll see what the Lord has for us this coming year and move forward as He plans.

I'm not very insightful today or having anything exciting to say. I just wanted to type in one more post before the semester got started, because I may not get around to it again for a while. I hope not, but that may happen.


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