Monday, January 24, 2011

One week down.....many more to come!

So, the first week of classes is over! Just 15 more to go. :)

The first week went smoothly and I even had some time for a yoga class! I am grateful that I was able to get up on time, work out, eat healthy, spend time with the Lord and feel good during the days. However, it still seems that I'm always running late...just something I need to work not doing things like writing in my blog!

Preston was gone Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of last week, which had me here alone a lot, but now he is done with traveling. Yipee! And this week will be more normal than last week - I hope. Here is a picture of Preston (I stole it from Brenda's blog). This was taken when he was in Utah in his interview attire.

Life is going well for us right now. I have a new bird feeder and I think I'm going to have hang it somewhere else because no birds are coming to it, and I think it is because there are no trees around it (random thought)!

Steelers and the Green Bay Packers are going to the Superbowl in two weeks! Strange because my sister and her husband are big Packer fans and of course all the Vissers are HUGE Steelers fans! Family feud I see coming..........just kidding! It should be a good long as the Steelers win!

Off to school I go!



  1. Well, I've read your blog in its entirety(?). I must say very interesting. Glad Preston's home for good. Glad school is going well. Congrats on the Steelers. We will see who really is the best on Feb 6th::):)