Sunday, January 2, 2011

The journey begins

Preston will have his first interview on this Tuesday, January 4th. Tomorrow he and I will drive down to Memphis and stay the night. When he is finished with the interview on Tues. we will drive back home (late).

THEN we both work on Wednesday AND Thursday he will drive himself to the airport in Charlotte, NC and fly to Utah. His interview there is on Friday. He will stay with some family friends, which is a blessing, and he will return Saturday night.

ONLY to have to travel again on the following Monday to Hazard, KY. He will just drive there that morning and come back after the interview. Hazard is only 3 hours away.

That same week, on Thursday, he and I will drive up to Chicago for his interview on that Friday. We should be back on Saturday night...only for him to leave again for two more interviews the next week!

It's going to be crazy, especially for him, but there will be a lot of times this month that he will not be home.

Prayers are always welcomed for safe travels, great interviews, and that the Lord leads Preston (and I) when making placement choices...and that the Lord provides Preston with and internship this year!

Krystal V.

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