Saturday, January 1, 2011

Putting away the juicer and enjoying my salad box!

In January of 2007 I started juicing and making juice for Preston too. So it has been three good years of juicing; however, for the first time in three years I'm actually putting away my juicer.

With our schedules right now it is a lot of work for me to keep up with juicing every day, and I know that there are other healthy things that Preston and I could be doing to help us rather than just juice. Having it on the counter stresses me out some and makes me feel bad that we are not juicing. But, I realized that we would juice and then eat all cooked foods the rest of the day. Or drink our juice but eat poorly...instead of salads or foods cooked with good veggies....and everything loaded with cheese. I know that Preston and I can incorporate more salads into our diets and use less cheese or low fat cheese to be healthier people.

I plan to not worry about juicing at least until May, when I graduate. After that I hope to pull it back out and juice again. Juicing is a great way to get nutrients into your body, and we really like the way carrot and spinach taste. For now we will stick to our green drink, fiber mix, vitamins, and healthier meals! It does make me feel a little weird, but I've come to terms with putting juicing on hold for a little while....not forever!

One thing that I've mentioned before is the salad box idea from Hallelujah Acres. It has worked wonderfully thus far. It's nice because I can say "lets have a salad for lunch" and pull out my big box, and there is everything I need. It even makes a difference having everything in one box, and not having to drag each individual container out of the fridge and open all the tops. The big box is a great tool! makes it easy for when you want to add some veggies to a meal. They are already chopped up! I made some omelets the other morning and wanted to add some veggies. So, I pulled out the salad box and sauteed some cauliflower, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, squash, carrots and corn. It was so easy to add veggies to the omelet, having everything pre-chopped and ready to go!

Also, if I'm a little hungry for a snack, it's easy to pull out the salad box and munch on some veggies! Here is a picture of what my salad box looks like:

I keep individual lids on things like the onions or the olives (cause of the smell and/or juice). My salad box does not have room for the dressings and the cheese, which is fine. I've been keeping the lid off the mixed greens and putting paper towels over the mixed green to help keep them fresh. 

I was able to use little containers that I already had, and the only purchase I made was the big clear box with a lid. It was a well worth investment, in my opinion. I hope to keep it up, and hopefully you can enjoy your own salad box too! 

Salad box with big lid closed!

Healthy wishes,


  1. I love the salad box idea. I think I will start one.

  2. I know, right? Such a cool idea and a great time saver too! :)