Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some holiday pictures

My parents and their fluffy dog, Sophie Ann
Candace, my sister, and I
It snowed a lot for the Christmas weekend! 
We thought Corky might like to experience the snow...
...but he didn't care too much for it :) 

The Visser side of the family draws names for Christmas time, and Preston drew Brittany's name. He made her a beautiful coat rack, shown here, and another smaller one for the kids coats! Very nice!!

Preston made me this gorgeous spice rack!!

I Hope everyone has a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 
~ Krystal ~ 


  1. That is your mother, father, and fluffy dog Sophie Rose:) not Sophie Ann:) Great picture!

  2. HAHA! Sorry about that...tell Sophie I'm sorry for messing up her name! :)