Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Break???

So today, Saturday December 18th, officially kicks off my Christmas break. I'm finished with all assignments and internship things. I still have to work at my part time job but most of that I can do from home, which is wonderful.

Also, we have a Cumulative Exam (CE) that takes place of us having to do a thesis to graduate. So, it's like this really big essay type thing...but it's take home. So, we got the exam yesterday and it is due before Spring break. Even though I do not want to work on the exam over the break...I know that I'm going to. Next semester is going to be BUSY and so I want to get a big chunk of the CE done and not have to try to cram it into my schedule next semester!

Also over the break there is..
-staining to be done
-touch up paint
-fun sewing projects

...that needs to be done! :)

Just not having school work, classes, deadlines, internship etc. makes a big difference. My to do list is now things that I want to get accomplished...oh yeah there is also organizing. I have these two cabinets in my kitchen that have become a little chaotic. I want to clean those out too!

It will be great!!!!!!! Probably by January 17thish I will be ready to go back for another round. Just one more semester.

Life is good....and God is Great!

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