Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pushing my buttons!

So...something new: Blogs have buttons, which anyone reading this probably knows by now. However, I did not know this until my SIL told me about these button things.

If you have a button for your blog then people can put that button on their blog. People will then see the blogs that you follow. So, you grab people's buttons and put them on your blog. Therefore, I should grab some buttons so you - the reader - can see what I like to read! I don't know if that makes any sense, but I spent a while this morning with this button thing and could not get it to work. After taking a break (and having a very productive day) I came back to it this evening and figured it out. BUT, I'm not really sure that I'm happy with the button I created.

My blog is all about me...no real theme and I change the background of my blog often. So, I was not sure what to use for my button. I think I will just leave it as is for now......and YOU should grab onto my button and put it into your blog.

All you have to do is copy the html code (wierd letters/numbers) that are underneath my button. Then go to "DESIGN" where you edit your blog page. Click on the "add gadget" and then scroll down to the HTML choice. Once you have that opened just paste the html information into the box. You can insert the title "Blogs that I follow" -- and go grab other people's buttons too!!

Blogging is fun...I think,


  1. Okay...so the information about grabbing a button could be TOTALLY wrong...because I just tried it and it did now work. Maybe some one who reads this post and knows how to grab a button will post a comment about it! :)

  2. Okay...the problem is your code has your blog address, but not your picture address. I can't add certain html tags into this comment box so I'll send it to you again on FB. Let me know if it doesn't work! BTW I like your button!

  3. Thank. I think I did it right...I'm sure you will tell me if not.

  4. Brace yourself...sorry, it's still not working. You have things in the wrong order. So, I fixed it for you. I'll email you the code on FB...paste it in EXACTLY the way I send it to you.

  5. I fixed it on my blog...you can check it out there to see that it's working. http://pieceofmeagan.blogspot.com