Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well, today has been a great and productive day, which always make ya feel nice, right? Preston had the day off from work due to the weather, and so we went around Johnson City running errands together. Then we stopped and got some food from a great place Yamotos!

We came home and got a nap. Nice! Then I cleaned out my cabinets, fridge, and microwave. I feel good about that progress...also got the laundry done. AND -- Preston started working on a spice rack for me, which I'm very excited about!

Tomorrow I think I want to get some touch up painting done, write thank you cards, prep for my next sewing project, and spend some quality time working on my new year goals. I also need to go grocery shopping. I cleaned out my veggie draw in the fridge so it is now ready for new fresh veggies. I'm going to go ahead and cut/chop/dice/shred the veggies and things to go in little Tupperware containers I have. That way it will be easy to put a salad together.

One thing I bought today was Kombu. It is a sea plant that you can add to grains, soups, sauces, and legumes during the cooking process. Kombu is an alkalizing mineral with high iodine and iron. If you put in a small piece with what you are cooking it "reconstitutes and releases its nutrients into the cooking liquid that is then absorbed by your food." It is also a good source to help tenderize legumes and reduce their gaseous properties. There are some soups that I want to make and I'll add just a thumb nail size piece into the stock.

You can also put in a large piece into some water...let it boil...and then you have a Kumbo base for a soup!

Life is good. We had a wonderful/different Christmas this year. The snow kind of through off plans. Preston and I were unable to get to the Visser Christmas in time to see everyone, which was a bummer. However, it was nice that we finally made it and we stayed there really late playing games, which was a lot of fun.

My parents were in town. We also went to a Christmas Eve service with my sister and her husband, which was nice. We did our usual Christmas Eve pizza with my parents, and had a great Holiday weekend!

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