Saturday, December 18, 2010

What does the future hold?

Just a quick update on Preston's status. He has applied to 15 internship sites across the U.S. and he has been invited to 7 interview places. January will be full of interviews:

1. January 4th - Memphis, TN...we're driving and I get to go with him here
2. January 7th - Provo, Utah...he's flying here
3. January 10th - Hazard, KY...this is the closest one...3 hours away
4. January 14th - Chicago, IL...we are both driving here
5. January 18th - Somewhere in Kansas...he will be driving here alone
6. January 21st - Grand Rapids, Michigan...he will be driving here alone
7. Date unsure - Big Stone Gap, VA (also fairly close)

He has to submit his top choices by February 9th....then MATCH DAY is on February 25th. On that day he will be told if he was matched with any of the places. It's kind of a nervous process to go through!

His top three choices are Chicago, Provo, and Grand Rapids. A couple of those are Christian based and he really is ready to incorporate his believes into his practice.

We are praying for God's hand of guidance as Preston interviews and that the Lord work on both ends for there to be the best placement made. We trust in the Lord with all our hearts that He is in control....and if Preston does not get placed then we will stay around here for another year... happily....Preston will keep working on his dissertation and apply again next year!

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