Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bags for the girls

I often make Christmas gifts for Preston’s younger sisters. This year I am making them small messenger type bags. They are not perfect but I am really enjoying the process. I find it very fun and rewarding making bags…and my head is always full of new bag ideas. So, here is a pic of my work space:

When you open the flap there are two pockets in the front and a zipper pocket on the top:

I still have one more bag to put together and it will be purple.

It’s fun and I’m learning a lot about sewing. That is a fun thing about projects…you always learn something new! For instance, I learned about making the zipper at the top where it wraps around a corner…I’d never done that before.

And it gives you a neat look on top of the bag

When I’m finished with those bags I have a purse that I want to make…I’ll probably do that after Christmas, and then I want to make me a larger messenger bag at some point.

I’m also working with my sister-in-laws on a handmade family tree wall hanging thing…which has been fun…and you can read about that on Meagan’s blog!

Fun times with sewing!

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